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Governor Otter Supports Proposal For August 2 Meeting Of GOP Central Committee

Tuesday, Jul 1, 2014

Governor Otter Supports Proposal For August 2 Meeting Of GOP Central Committee

(BOISE) –In response to Barry Peterson’s request for my determination, I support the proposal for an August 2 meeting of the Central Committee to choose an Idaho Republican Chairman and put the confusion and uncertainty behind us.

I support the August 2 date because it can more quickly bring us the clarity we need to move forward with our national and statewide efforts to elect Republicans. I support the August 2 date because Idaho needs a full slate of delegates to represent us at the Republican National Committee’s summer meeting August 6-9. I support the August 2 date because it can provide us with certainty of leadership and unity of purpose going forward. And I support the August 2 date because it represents the will of Idaho’s Republican grassroots as represented by 32 Central Committee members from 13 counties.

Finally, I support the earlier of the dates proposed because the November 4 election is only four months away. It is up to us, the leaders of the Idaho Republican Party, to turn our focus to doing the work necessary for victory.

That means each of us must be engaged in addressing our education needs by carefully and responsibly implementing my Education Task Force recommendations, building on our progress toward improving Idaho’s business climate, creating more and better career opportunities for Idaho citizens, and protecting Idaho values from runaway federal programs and policies that undermine our freedom and self-determination.

Meanwhile, my Democrat opponent welcomes raising sales and property taxes, supporting judicial imposition of same-sex marriage and Obama using his executive powers to circumvent Congress by imposing punitive environmental policies and locking up more public lands in national monuments.

If you like the Obama administration’s liberal policies, you’ll love my Democrat opponent – because he will be carrying water for the White House while running roughshod over Idaho values. As I have said before, he wants more federal involvement in Idaho; I want less. Join me as I keep working for you and fighting for Idaho.


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